Elegance Blossoming: Spring Style Essentials

In the Northern Hemisphere, spring has arrived! We can finally enjoy longer days and warmer weather. Spring is symbolic of rebirth and renewal. This is the perfect time to elevate your spring style to new levels. Our style expert will help show you the ins and outs of spring fashion and pretty soon you will have strangers complimenting you on your new, elegant look.  

Alright folks. So I know that some of you readers out there are thinking that the same clothes are worn in spring time and summer. Hold your horses. Allow me to share with you certain guidelines to look your absolute best in spring. Spring wear is more casual than both winter and fall wear and it is more formal than summer wear. These are my recommendations for what to wear this spring.


Ah, the perennial polo. This type of shirt is all-around, and can be worn on any occasion. Not too formal for going out and not too casual for the workplace. The Ralph Lauren Corporation has a monopoly on “polo shirts” for obvious reasons, but there are other companies that are well known such as Lacoste and Brooks Brothers. If these are too high priced for your budget, you can easily find them on discount across the web. You can even find some nice polo’s on the clearance rack at Marshalls or T.J. Maxx. If there’s one rule of thumb you should follow it is this: never pay full price for clothing, especially a polo.

Our Recommendations: Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, Jos. A. Bank.

What to wear with: Historically polo’s were worn on the tennis court, polo field, and golf range but nowadays, they can also be worn with virtually any type of clothing. In my opinion, they do not go as well with jeans, so I prefer to wear chinos or shorts when wearing a polo.


The best thing about button down shirts is that they can be paired with any type of clothing. Button your shirt up and wear a tie for a more formal look. If you want to dress up yet still appear somewhat casual leave the top button loose.

Our Recommendations: Ralph Lauren, Guess, Affliction, Ed Hardy, IZOD, Thomas Pink, Gap.

What to wear with: Dress shirts can be worn with anything. The benefit to wearing them is that they give your outfit a more formal look. Wearing a tie will increase the formality.


Spring is one of the best time to wear a blazer. Blazers can be worn over t-shirts or a button-down to make your outfit look dressier. One example of an attractive outfit, is pairing a blazer with a V-neck and shorts. The possibilities are endless.

Our Recommendations: Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Guess

What to wear with: You can let your imagination run wild, because anything is possible with a blazer. Blazers tend to be a bit formal, but you can wear them with things such as jeans, chinos, or shorts. It really depends on the occasion you’re wearing a blazer to.


T-shirts are now universal across the entire world, and across all cultures. T-shirts are now one of the most common types of clothing. Still, there are ways to wear a T-shirt that will make you look like a cut above the rest. There are good t-shirts and there are bad t-shirts. Bad t-shirts would be those which are loose fitting. A well-fitting t-shirt can make the difference between being a well-dressed man and just being dressed.

Our Recommendations: Lacoste, Burberry, Tommy Bahama, Obey, Enjoi, Ralph Lauren.

What to wear with: T-shirts are strictly casual. So don’t wear it to your next board meeting, ok?


A good pair of jeans is a timeless classic. Nowadays, there are so many different variations on good old American denim jeans, that someone would be foolish not to own a pair. Make sure your jeans fit well and don’t sag. Jeans can quickly make you look sloppy if you don’t wear them right.

Our Recommendations: Diesel, Levis, Ralph Lauren

What to wear with: Jeans are casual wear for the vast majority of the time, but if you put a blazer on top of it, it can seem more formal while still being casual.


Warmer weather means shorts. Spring means brighter and lighter colors. That means, it’s the right time to have brighter and lighter shorts. Don’t be afraid to go for salmon colored shorts or even light green colored shorts. Any type of short color that falls outside the khaki paradigm is fair game… As long as it matches up with the rest of your outfit, of course.

Our recommendations:  Volcom, Tommy Bahama, Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren

What to wear with: Shorts can be worn with almost anything, however, they are casual.


Chino pants are a year round staple. There’s no excuse to not rock these, unless you’re a jeans type of guy. Again, don’t be afraid to spring for the odd colors.

Our recommendationsRalph Lauren, Converse, Frank and Oak, Gap, Old Navy


One could go without accessories. However, jewelry such as watches and bracelets can take you to the next level. Your outfit can go from good to super, with just one or two small pieces of jewelry. You will come off as more elegant and refined, compared to those who choose not to accentuate their look.

Watches: Michael Kors, Fossil

Bracelets: Ralph Lauren

There is not much else to say. You may have noticed that Ralph Lauren was mentioned throughout this article. The reason is because they are unmatched in this niche, and are leaders in the market for these types of clothes.

Now that you have this knowledge, go out and see if you can’t put these new tips to good use. You may be surprised to notice the men you encounter on a daily basis giving you more respect, as well as increased appreciation from women. Put your best foot forward in the season of revival.

Elegance Blossoming: Spring Style Essentials

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